Christine’s First Camp Visit!

Prison Life

Apr 12

Monday, October 24th, 2011 |

Kevin and Christine’s first visit

I had my first camp visit with Kevin. Truly, it was a great weekend!  The difference between the Low visitation and the Camp is incomprehensible. I can’t wait to go up again!

Kevin truly is a changed man from those horrible days in Solitary. He is back to himself, if not even better, with a great sense of peace. While he isn’t resigned to five years, he knows that this is a place where he can live and hopefully make a difference.

The guards were nice and courteous, a 180-degree difference from the last place! While the guards were present all the time, you didn’t get the feeling that they were scrutinizing every move you made. They certainly never reprimanded us, and didn’t discourage talking with other inmates and their visitors, like they did in the Low. They were friendly with a quick smile and willingness to help. Truly it is a blessing to be at the Camp!