Cat Families and Expensive Tomato Stakes

Prison Life

Aug 08

Saturday, May 5th, 2012 |

We have at least three pairs of cat families here. One of them just had four kittens. They are so cute. The guys are always feeding the cats and taking care of them. In the winter, they converted a packing box into a little shelter for the winter weather. The cats get fed well every night. The guys are always playing with the cats and holding them.

There’s a good hunter cat by the recreation yard. This cat is always stalking something, and this provides some amusement for us. I think that there will eventually be too many cats.  Most of the staff doesn’t care about the cats, but I am sure that the administration will get rid of the cats at some point.

I’ve written about the garden in the back planted by the horticulture class. It’s beginning to come in. You won’t believe this – you know those medical stainless steel IV poles? One of the guys found them in the dumpster and brought them to the garden. They are now being used as stakes for the tomato plants. I don’t know why they were thrown away but they’ve got to cost around $100 each, if not more. I’m sure these are the most expensive tomato stakes in the U.S.