Camper Goes to Deuce to Make Lunch

Prison Life

Sep 05

Friday, June 8th, 2012 |

The COs found three bullets on the Deuce recreation yard on Tuesday. They immediately put any inmate that was on the yard in the hole and locked down the entire compound.  The inmates do all the cooking in prisons. All the Deuce inmates, including the cooks, are confined to their cells.  So, campers are making the Deuce inmate meals during the lockdown.    The Deuce has 1700 inmates there with a total capacity of around 2000.  This means there are a lot of meals to make!

The Deuce inmates were being fed sandwiches and other cold foods. However, they had a hot meal today for the first time since the lockdown.

My Experience at the Deuce

I went to the Deuce today to make lunch with 17 other campers.  We didn’t see any of the Deuce except for the dining room and the kitchen.  The experience was miserable. They had bought large cartons of pre-packaged lunch boxes so they didn’t need us to do the lunches. Instead, they started me and others cleaning the dining room. We didn’t sign up to be their custodians. All this work could have been done when they opened the compound by their inmates.

After about 90 minutes or so, I was told to go to the kitchen and wait for further instruction. Another guy and I were assigned the job of defrosting a pallet of frozen chicken and put them on baking racks. The chicken had a Tyson label on it but you could tell the quality from Tyson was low grade. In fact, I didn’t eat any chicken on the following day because I was so disgusted with its quality. I’ll get my courage up to eat it next week.

Anyway, this chicken was so frozen that there was no way we were going to be able to get 2000 pieces of chicken on pans by ourselves. Three COs and another camper jumped in and helped. We defrosted the chicken in large vats so we can place them on the pans. It was a miserable job. In the end, we were able to get 3000 pieces of chicken on the baking pans.

We were promised as much food as we could eat and that we could take food back to the camp. Wrong! They wouldn’t let us take any food back, and they served the same old stuff that we eat here. In fact, I would have been better off staying at the camp and eaten here. The only reason that I went on this little excursion was because the food service CO asked me to. He has been good to me so I could hardly say no.

I made $16 for the one day of work – that is about what I make for three months of my regular job. This is the only time the volunteering worked out.