Camp Administrator Gives More Lip Service

Prison Life

Sep 18

Thursday, June 21st, 2012 |

The situation on the compound is getting intense.  Guys are fed up and the camp administrator keeps giving lip service.

The inmate who organized a committee to deal with “camp issues” met with the camp administrator. She gave him some information but I didn’t hear anything new. Furloughs can be requested but the request needs to comply with BOP policy, which also states that granting the furlough is subject to the approval of the warden. This was always the hang up. The warden never approved any furloughs.

The camp administrator also said that if the clothes aren’t dry or clean, then return them to laundry.  She has been saying this all along, but it doesn’t help.

Guys are also complaining about the mattresses.  There are two types of mattresses, the old cotton covered and newer plastic covered ones. Both are extremely uncomfortable and don’t hold up. I’m sure the cotton-covered ones are full of dust mites and microscopic organisms.

I was smart enough to get a plastic covered mattress as soon as I could. Unfortunately, the one I have is concave in the center so it provides very little support. It’s like sleeping in a hole every night.  The camp administrator said to request a new mattress if there is something wrong with yours.  This is easier said than done.  These requests are more routinely denied than granted.