Butner FCI I

Prison Life

Apr 26

Monday, November 7th, 2011 |

I’m safely settled into my new cell which has a window facing Butner FCI 1, a medium security prison.  Butner FCI I have inmates serving longer sentences (such as Madoff and the spy Pollack), the residential drug rehab program and the child molester program.   The picture below is a fair representation of my view from my cell window.

This view of of the FCI Medium I which is adjacent to the Camp.

Inmates attending the one-year drug program must have previous drug dependency problems. They get up to a year off their sentences for completing the program. The downside of the program is that the Medium has higher security than either the Low or the Camp. The non-violent graduates will likely get transferred to a lower security facility. Inmates from all around the country attend this program here.

The child molester (“cho-mo”) program is not really a treatment program, as it is a determination whether these inmates will be released at all. The participants have completed their sentence, but that does not mean that they are fit to be released into society. Again, Butner is used nationally for this program. I mentioned before that cho-mo’s make up to about 40% or so of the Low’s inmate population. I don’t have any idea how many cho-mos are at the Medium.  The FCI 1 cho-mo’s are segregated from the other inmates for their own protection.

The Camp is a “satellite camp” meaning that the FCI 1 has administrative authority over the Camp. The Camp is managed by a camp administrator who reports to the FCI 1 warden.  Our “release and discharge” (R&D) is also through the FCI 1. Anytime we move on or off the camp, we must get cleared by stopping at the FCI 1 to check in or out.

Inmate Population

We have roughly 320 guys at the Camp, about 700 inmates at the Medium, 1400 at FCI 2 (the “Deuce”, High/Medium facility), 1300 inmates at the Low, and 900 at the FMC. All for a total of 4,600 inmates at Butner.