Bus Transport for Transfers

Prison Life

Jul 19

Monday, April 2nd, 2012 |

John, a new white-collar guy, just got transferred by bus to Butner from Philadelphia after a short stay in Petersburg.  Busing the most common form of inmate transport.  This is known as “diesel therapy” in the BOP.  These trips are notorious for being slow and uncomfortable.  The buses make numerous stops at county jails and federal detention centers picking up and dropping off inmates.

John has been waiting for three weeks for his personal property. BOP doesn’t put your property on the bus. They ship it to your final destination via UPS. It should not have taken long for his property to get here. He was finally able to get his counselor call R&D in Philly.

They told him that the property was shipped to his residence! There is a whole lot of problems with this. His wife is travelling for two weeks so the box has probably been sitting on his door stoop for most of this time. She can ship it here only if the packing tape is not disturbed. Otherwise, he has to replace everything at the commissary.

In any event, John has been without, and will be without, his personal property until he gets it all worked out. Our personal property typically includes our informal clothes such as sweats and shorts, unopened food, radios, OTC medicines, bowls, etc. bought at the commissary. They will also ship up to five books and personal papers.

John filed a BP-8 to complain about the BOP error but it won’t do any good. I think he is waiting on his wife to get home to make arrangements for her to ship it here. I really feel for the guy. He doesn’t know if he should be buying all this stuff or not.