A Botched Inmate Transfer Results in Solitary!

Prison Life

Oct 03

Tuesday, July 3rd, 2012 |

I have an older friend from Chicago who was put in the hole today after a botched inmate transfer.  Victor said that he was involved in a Chicago bribery case involving BP Petroleum and a local politician.  He also said that he is good friends with the former Illinois governor Blago and Rahm Emanuel.  Victor claims he was a bag man in paying bribes to other Illinois politicians.  Victor claims that the feds have been pressuring him to give them information, but he has refused to do so.  His story is so bizarre that I can’t believe a word he says.

He had been in two previous camps before coming to Butner.  Victor was told by his case manager earlier this year that he was being transferred to a Low because his care level was reduced to a 2 from a 3. He got the camp doctor to order more tests which stopped the transfer.  His care level was subsequently raised up to a 3 again. That should have solved his designation right there.

How to avoid an inmate transfer

Victor was called to the front yesterday afternoon around 1 pm and was told to pack his stuff. There was a plane waiting for him to depart at 3 pm. The case manager wouldn’t tell him where was going.  The camp cut off Victor’s phone and email so he couldn’t call this family, which is SOP at the BOP on an inmate transfer.

The previous camp doctor told Victor to have the case manager call him if the issue of transfer came up again. So, Victor went to medical trying to get them to call this doctor who is now at the FMC. The nurse refused to make the call, and said that there was nothing she could do. He got into the nurse’s face so she called for emergency help. This is the same nurse that was involved in the inmate death.

The COs rushed the building and handcuffed him. We know that they took him to the hole. We are not sure why they were going to transfer him. Victor recently refused to talk to the feds so we think that they may be trying to pressure him to talk. One of the COs said that he would be in the hole for about a week.  The COs did not pack him out.