Big Shakedown!

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Jun 13

Thursday, February 9th, 2012 |

We had a big shakedown on Wednesday. I was reading in my bunk at 8 am when I heard the familiar yelling of CO’s to leave the unit.  We were told to go to the rec yard till further notice. Most of the time we are told to just go outside, but they wanted us away from the buildings for this shakedown. I went outside and noted that the other units were also being shaken down. Fortunately, I grabbed a coat because it was very cold. I used the time to walk for an hour and 25 minutes and another hour in the indoor rec to watch a movie. We finally got the clearance after 2.5 hours.

They had shaken down EVERYONE’S cell. I didn’t have any contraband, of course.  But, I had some fruit in my locker that they took. In addition, they took a second pillow from my cellie. The CO’s left some cells a mess. The common areas were all torn apart, chairs upended, trash cans turned on their side and beds rustled. They took excess cleaning and other supplies from some guys.

One guy told me that they took his greens (uniform), and I have no clue why. Another guy reported that they had a drug dog going through all the cells and common areas. I don’t know if they found any contraband, but I am assuming they did because of the extent of the shakedown. As far as I know, no one has been packed out because of the shakedown. The camp may be doing some investigation before packing people out.

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