Beach Noise

Prison Life

Apr 18

Sunday, October 30th, 2011 |

The noise on the beach is bad.  In addition, the guys around me are generally inconsiderate.  I spend a lot of time reading in bed so the noise can be very distracting. I have found that I can escape the noise if I listen to the local NPR classical music station. It has very little talking and the classical music is very soothing.

Most guys stayed inside yesterday because it was so cold. Unfortunately, there is no place to read in quiet. The library is small and noisy. Sometimes I can go to the chapel to read but there seems to be a lot of guys in and out of there as well. Also, they have been playing movies in the chapel lately. There are no private reading rooms in the unit.

I would go to the TV room at the Low to read. It had a lot of natural light and most of the guys kept the radios to their heads so it was generally quiet. This is not the case here. There are never lights in the TV room at the Camp. Also, the TV is room is located at the door going outside so there is always noise.

Overall, I’m getting used to the noise but it does help to have something drown the noise out. In that regard, the classical music works. Given that I am a classical rock and roll guy, it amazes me that classical music is helping my spirits so much!