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Jun 20

Wednesday, February 29th, 2012 |

My old cellie was sent to California to testify in a trial about six weeks ago. He was expecting to return in March but I have no clue whether that is still the case. They don’t like keeping bunks open so I was assigned a new cellie yesterday afternoon.

This guy is a little older than me.  Bobby appears to be straight enough that I don’t have to worry about him having contraband in the cell. He seems like a real laid back and nice guy.  As much as I want my old cellie back, there’s nothing I can say or do about it. My new cellie was previously in our unit. He was put in the hole for 2 1/2 months for “investigation”.  Apparently, nothing came out of the investigation so they returned him to the unit, much to his delight.

His experience in the hole was much like mine but, unlike me, he had a cellie there for the entire time of his stay. Bobby lost 20 lbs. and was bored out of his mind. They didn’t give him access to his property for two months. He bought another radio from the commissary because he couldn’t get to his original radio. If my old cellie comes back, they will probably put him in a different cell.

In a lot of ways, it could be much worse. The guys that are currently on the beach would not have met my standards for a cellie. I’ve previously written to you about the importance of getting along with your cellie. Once a cellie is assigned, that’s it.

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