4 weeks in Solitary … when will the transfer come?

Prison Life

Mar 27

Wednesday, September 28th, 2011 |

They ran out of pens in the SHU so I haven’t written lately! Obviously, no CO is in a hurry to find some. I’m still spending all my time reading and there has been nothing to report anyway. I am numb, but I have been in better spirits since I decided to treat this experience as a silent retreat.  Meditation is also helping.

Prison guards have come by saying that I will be going to the camp soon. The property CO told me to pack all my things to leave! I assumed that he meant today, but as always, I was wrong. He just needed a day to inventory all my property. I think I will be moved tomorrow.

I can’t stand the look of my beard.  It is too long for me to shave.  I finally got a razor and trimmed my neck.  Spent all day reading the Economist magazine since I gave up all my books to the property CO.

This has been going on for four weeks – hard to believe! I think they just submitted my paperwork for the camp last week.