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Aug 28

Knowledgelink Podcast: A Warning to White-Collar Professionals

Criminal Justice , Ethics , Family Impact , Life after Prison

When it comes to ethics, what you don’t know can hurt you.

J. Kevin Foster

I was honored to sit down with Jon Tota, CEO of Knowledgelink, to talk about the common ethical traps that can bring people and companies down the wrong path, and how to prevent failures of integrity through training, seminars, and consulting.

In this episode of Learning Life with Jon Tota, hear about my journey of a real estate executive turned-convict turned-ethics expert, who formed a plan to end the slippery slope of bad ethical decisions in the business world during his 28 days in solitary confinement.

This is a great interview for those in the business world that are concerned about the pitfalls that everyday people can find themselves inadvertently in.

Aug 08

Why Facebook’s $5B Fine is No Surprise


As reported in Vanity Fair (May 2019), Mark Zuckerberg told a friend in an IM, “You can be unethical and still be legal that’s the way I live my life.”

With that being said, no one should be surprised that Facebook agreed to pay a $5B fine for violating multiple previous agreements with the FTC and users. Next to generating a return for shareholders, the most important role of the C-Suite is to create an ethical culture, the true essence of leadership.

A strong ethical culture is good for business, the customers, and employees. Is it no wonder that Facebook has reputational problems? How should the nearly 36,000 Facebook employees be expected to remain ethical in their jobs when their CEO thinks it is ok to be unethical?

Under the new agreement, Zuckerberg and other executives will be required to certify personally, subject to civil and CRIMINAL penalties, Facebook’s compliance program. The line between unethical and illegal is very thin. The penalties for being unethical or illegal can be devastating to the individual and the organization. (photo courtesy of Bon Appetite)