Bringing Ethics to a Personal Level


Individuals ignore what they do not understand or issues which are overwhelming; ethics are no exception. Discover the clues that reveal unethical behavior and circumstances in organizations.



As an ethics expert and natural storyteller, Kevin provides compelling and personal examples of how individuals can identify unethical behavior and their causes. Presentations are designed to empower individuals to make informed and sometimes difficult ethical decisions.


Interactive sessions that provide extensive ethics training to small groups or individuals. These workshops can be on-site, webinar or recorded so they can be played anytime or anywhere.


Our experienced team of legal and business experts will review policies and procedures in the areas of ethics and compliance. We assist in developing or updating policies of satisfy government agencies or third parties.

I just got the opportunity to see Kevin live. If you’re talking about ethics and bringing ethics to your business, Kevin is the man that you want. He brings the inspiration, the experience, of being actually involved in an ethical situation. Great show!

Rich Hart

Business Dynamic Coach, International Real Estate Broker, Wealth Consultant and Speaker


Solving the Ethics Enigma

It is Kevin’s calling as a keynote speaker and consultant to help others recognize unethical behavior and circumstances that can lead to severe choices which can save organizations from the costly and embarrassing situation. His compelling message brings ethics to a personal level. Kevin has developed practical E.T.H.I.C.S. tools to solve the Ethics Enigma. Kevin’s speeches and workshops help all levels of the organization adhere to ethical principles and limit their legal liability. As a natural storyteller, he uses his emotional story of spending 37 months in the federal prison system, including 28 days in solitary confinement, and how he got to there to exemplify how not using E.T.H.I.C.S. tools can have life-altering and many times criminal results.

E.T.H.I.C.S. Toolkit includes

E = Exaggerated Ego
T = Trust Your Gut
H = Hijacked by Outside Pressures
I = Integrity Failures
C = Consequences not Considered
S = Stinking Thinking

Slippery Slope of Bad Ethical Decisions

Most companies and organizations take an overly-legalistic approach to ethics and compliance training focusing on law, rules, codes, etc. Kevin believes that ethics training and discussions must be brought down to the personal level. In this animated video, Kevin discusses the slippery slope of making bad ethical decisions. His speeches and workshops are focused on identifying the warning signs of unethical or illegal behavior in yourself and others.

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About Kevin

Kevin’s career began in accounting and finance, and then he moved on to real estate in 1987. Some of his early employers included Peat, Marwick & Mitchell (now KPMG Peat Marwick), Dr Pepper, FDIC/Division of Liquidation, Standard Chartered Bank and Marcus & Millichap. He joined a newly-formed real estate venture known as Peerless Real Estate Services, Inc as its Executive Vice President/Finance in 2004. He was with Peerless until the collapse of the company in May 2007.

Raised in the Detroit area, he is the oldest of nine children in a very tight-knit family. Kevin is a summa cum laude graduate of Spring Hill College, Mobile, Alabama with a double major in accounting and history.

Kevin and Christine were married in July 2002 and are hopelessly devoted to each other. They reside in Atlanta with Watson and Cleo, their beloved Portuguese Water Dog and Toy Poodle. Christine and Kevin trained in their church’s Stephen Ministry program where they help others through difficult life transitions.