Decode Ethical Complexities once and for all to keep your company and your employees out of hot water (and on the right side of decisions)

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When it Comes to Ethics, What You Don't Know Can Hurt You. Individuals tend to ignore what they do not understand or consider overwhelming; ethics are no exception.

Discover the clues that reveal unethical behavior in organizations.

Curtailing company conferences because of travel costs and the Coronavirus? Kevin's keynotes and breakout sessions are now available for live streaming.  See our Virtual Streaming page for more details.


As an ethics expert and natural storyteller, Kevin provides compelling and personal examples of how individuals can identify unethical behavior and their causes. Presentations are designed to empower individuals to make informed and sometimes difficult ethical decisions.


Our online ethics training is designed to complement and supplement an organization's corporate ethics training. We offer our keynote virtually, a webinar based on Kevin's popular "Solving the Ethics Enigma" keynote and "Everyday Ethics", a video series addressing ethics and compliance issues.  


Our experienced team of legal and business experts will review policies and procedures in the areas of ethics and compliance. We assist in developing or updating policies of satisfy government agencies or third parties.


Real Estate Brokerage CEO

PalmerHouse Properties is a residential and commercial real estate brokerage operating in five states with over 1,700 agents. J. Kevin Foster just spoke to our agents about real estate ethics at my invitation. I can’t say enough good things about his presentation. He was open, transparent and engaging. I especially liked how he used his personal story to illustrate ethics in real-world situations and how easy it is to fall into ethical traps. I highly recommend J. Kevin Foster to anyone looking for a speaker about ethics.

Kevin Palmer PalmerHouse Properties

Solving the Ethics Enigma

Ethics is an enigma to most people, something puzzling and mysterious.  It is Kevin’s calling as a keynote speaker and consultant to help others solve the ethics enigma to recognize the traps leading to unethical behavior and circumstances.  Participants learn the tools necessary to avoid  these life-altering E.T.H.I.C.S. traps, which can save organizations from the costly and embarrassing situations.  Kevin’s speeches and workshops help all levels of the organization adhere to ethical principles and limit their legal liability. As a natural storyteller, he uses his emotional story of spending 37 months in the federal prison system, including 28 days in solitary confinement, highlighting the importance of bringing ethics to a personal level.  

E.T.H.I.C.S. Traps

E = Exaggerated Ego
T = T​emptation
H = Hijacked by Outside Pressures
I = Integrity Failures
C = Consequences not Considered
S = Stinking Thinking

Slippery Slope of Bad Ethical Decisions

Most companies and organizations take an overly-legalistic approach to ethics and compliance training focusing on law, rules, codes, etc. Kevin believes that ethics training and discussions must be brought down to the personal level. In this animated video, Kevin discusses the slippery slope of making bad ethical decisions. His speeches and workshops are focused on identifying the warning signs of unethical or illegal behavior in yourself and others.

Why do organizations hire Kevin?

About Kevin

If you’re worried about the decisions your employees are making and how they affect your liability and legal position, Kevin Foster is the ethics expert you need to get them on the right path. Kevin’s journey from corporate real estate executive to convicted felon (37 months in prison with 28 days in solitary confinement) resonates with audience members of all positions within organizations.

A former financial executive with FDIC-Division of Liquidation, Standard Chartered Bank and Dr Pepper Co., a 30-year veteran the real estate business, and a former CPA with Peat, Marwick & Mitchell (now KPMG), Kevin shares how easily your employees can take the easy road to bad decisions. Plus, he’ll give you and your organization tools to prevent legal liability.

As the CEO of Business Ethics Advisors, LLC, he speaks nationally on ethics and compliance in Corporate America. He uses his E.T.H.I.C.S. Toolkit to provide ethics awareness and solutions so that others will be prepared to identify the personal characteristics and circumstances leading to unethical behavior.

Raised in the Detroit area, he is the oldest of nine children in a very tight-knit family. Kevin is a summa cum laude graduate of Spring Hill College, Mobile, Alabama with a double major in accounting and history.

Kevin and Christine were married in July 2002 and are hopelessly devoted to each other. They reside in Atlanta with Cleo, Toy Poodle. Christine and Kevin trained in their church’s Stephen Ministry program where they help others through difficult life transitions.

To help your team navigate complex ethical water, call Kevin at 770.715.2095 or email

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